Wizard's Bane is the first book of an exciting new Science-Fiction/Fantasy series. We meet the main character, Dale when he materializes in a dark alley and discovers two critical items very rapidly: his psionic powers are blocked and the world he has just appeared on is incredibly primitive compared to his own. The reason for his becoming stranded in a dark alley eludes him and he sets out to try and find not only a reason but also a way back home.

The people of this primative planet are like him in many ways and he is able to understand their language, but since he is in need of a guide, he presses into service a young thief. As the story unfolds, they form a solid bond of friendship, each learning about themselves and about the world they are traveling across.

In a rapid succession of events Dale discovers that a mysterious, and powerful, enemy has designs on world domination, that it has decided he is a threat and is trying to remove him from existence, and that the world he is stranded on is powered by magic not technology. He also makes the unsettling discovery that some of the worlds more exotic inhabitants were expecting him, even insisting that he is the fulfillment of certain prophecies.

In a desperate attempt to find out what is really going on, as well as save his own skin, he sets off to ask questions of the only people who might have the answers... the most powerful wizards in the world. Along the way he unwillingly collects several others who travel with him for their own reasons.

Book one of the Sojourn Chronicles is a novel of boundless imagination, wonderful characters and fast paced action that has been compared with the Shadow Trilogy by Chris Claremont and George Lucas. The series has already collected a loyal following, with most readers reporting that they are unable to put the books down.